St John’s Church Happenings

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Weekly Excerpt of St John’s History:

Did you know…
St. John’s is older than the Diocese of Ontario?
When first established we were a mission under
the care of the great Bishop John Strathan, first Bishop
of Toronto.  Stirling was then part of Canada West
and these were very prosperous times.  Historians
note “wheat sold for $2 a bushel, land by the inch!”
The Crimean War brought prosperity, the Grand
Trunk Rail linked Halifax to London.  Confederation
was still unknown, the American Civil War undecided,
and the Canadian Pacific Rail still a dream.

Submitted by Helen Wright

Did you know…..
The Stirling Mission, beginning in 1847, in the
Diocese of Toronto included Marmora and
Madoc together with parts of Rawdon, Sidney
 and West Huntington Townships.
Services were held in the schoolhouse and
later in the Town Hall after the Village was
incorporated.  Reverend Groves was succeeded
by Reverend James Preston in 1859.
With his leadership, the people of Stirling undertook
preparations to build a Church.  The fine Gothic
design was prepared by Fuller Messer & Jones
of Toronto.  These architects planned the first
Parliament House in Ottawa.  Mr. Fuller was
born in Bath, England and can claim designs of
many beautiful buildings.  From 1881-1897 he
was the Chief Architect of the Dominion of Canada.

All public services of worship and weekly gatherings
suspended until further notice commencing this Sunday, March 15th