Parish Groups
Here are some of the regular happenings at St. John’s:

Outreach Luncheon Group – provide monthly soup & sandwiches…. reaching out into the community by opening our doors & welcoming folks in for fellowship (and really good pie!)

St. Martha’s Suppers – Thursday nights – 5 pm. Every Thursday Night.  Summer 2015 we will have a supper on July 23, and another one August 20.    Our St. Martha’s group offers a nutritious hot meal. Everyone is welcome to join us for the meal and for the company! If you can toss some money in the basket to cover the cost of your meal, we’d sure appreciate it, but even if you can’t, come join us for supper anyway!!

Tai Chi – We meet most Tuesday mornings at 10 am. This is a wonderful way to care for both our bodies and our souls. (There is a nominal fee to cover the cost of our instructor.)

Faith Sharing Group – in 2015 a new group has emerged in our Church.  The Faith sharing group is a small group of people who get together monthly for a faith based time of conversation and sharing. Contact Rev. Nancy for further information re: dates & location.
Bridge Marathon –Our Bridge Marathon meets every other week throughout the fall and winter and spring months.

Prayer Group – Weekly the prayer group meets to offer intercessory prayers for a wide variety of needs both locally and internationally. Not only does our group pray together weekly, but we will often pray with people on the phone in a time of need, or daily, as requested.

Funeral Lunch Catering Group – The Funeral Group works together to support families and individuals in time of need through their ministry of hospitality.

H.A.L.O. Group – This relatively new group at our church was born out of a need for some of our seniors and shut-ins who need rides to medical appointments, run errands, etc. The HALOs will pick up and deliver folks to appointments, take them for groceries…. etc.  Beyond that, the HALOs tend to spear head a number of our FUNraising activities.

We also offer short series programs.
Recently we have had a 5 week bible study course called “A Place in the Heart”,
We also, through Lent offered an evening candlelight service called ‘Come to the Quiet,” using contemporary imagery and prayers. A mid-week time out.